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Due to age and environmental effects my hearing was greatly diminished. I have experienced a gradual hearing loss over the last 10 years. Finally my kids urged me to get help so I could understand my grandchildren. After a hearing test at Duke was confirmed. My wife found Triangle Hearing on the internet and they had the right device for me. I did not realize how much I was missing. The new awareness has greatly raised my energy level and overall outlook.

Tony C. | Durham, NC

Not only do I trust Triangle Hearing with my patients for their hearing healthcare, I am a satisfied patient of theirs as well. The Doctors of Audiology meet the specific needs of every patient they serve. They continuously provide exceptional care coupled with the latest in technology. They are the best of the best!

Dr. Ronald Gerbe | Chapel Hill Ear, Nose and Throat

Dr’s. Hellenkamp and Gupta have been my Audiology practice of choice to refer all of my patients with hearing needs. They consistently go above and beyond to make sure that my patients receive the best care possible.

Dr. Sachin Gupta | Rex UNC Family Practice of Panther Creek

Just wanted to say “Thanks” for adding these accessories! What a huge difference the ComPilot has made in my hearing! The ability to increase/decrease volume in normal settings is making a big improvement over my prior experiences. Also, the Phonak TV Link allows me to have the volume to whatever level I want without disturbing my wife. These devices make the hearing aids considerably more functional.

Robert M. | Cary, NC

I knew I had hearing loss and I had purchased aids in Michigan. After about seven years, one of them began to malfunction; I knew I needed help in replacing the hearing aids. I was tested again and Dr. Hellenkamp was able to retrieve my old testing online. My hearing had declined none, I was able to try a pair of aids before purchase and found them to be awesome. Dr. Hellenkamp and the staff of Triangle Hearing Services were excellent with their service. Everyone at the office, the receptionist and Dr. Hellenkamp were excellent with their service. I hear beautifully now and miss nothing of conversations. I feel alive again.

Gary C. | Rolesville, NC

I had difficulty finding a hearing aid that felt “natural” with good sound quality. I have tried numerous aids, Lyric has been wonderful (I have a very difficult loss to fit). The Dr. is always available when the aids need to be replaced. She goes above and beyond to be accommodating. Dr. Hellenkamp does not try to “over sell” any product, but provides sound advice. Dr. Hellenkamp is an excellent Audiologist; she stays abreast of the latest technology and I highly recommend Triangle Hearing Services.

C. Bell | Chapel Hill, NC

Triangle Hearing Services gave me a thorough exam and recommended a solution.  Everyone at Triangle Hearing Services was very professional. I call Lyric, “Happy Hearing.”    With a 30 day free trial, why not try it?  I like Lyric most for low maintenance.  Very few products live up to advertising claims, but Lyric does.  Why not take the 30 day free trial and see if Lyric is right for you? Happy  Hearing.

Jim M. | Four Oaks, NC

I knew my hearing had deteriorated over the past 10 years, but when I began to catch about half of any conversation, I knew I had to do something” “Triangle hearing services did a great job of identifying the extent of my hearing loss and finding a solution that was right for my lifestyle. My quality of life has been enhanced significantly.” I highly recommend THS. They find the right solutions and then respond quickly to any issues.

Emmett A. | Garner, NC

I was interested in obtaining new hearing aids. I did not intend to order them, but only obtain information. I was so impressed by the information and was sure they would give me good service that I ordered them at once. I had worn hearing aids for several years, but learned more during my first visit that helped me to select the right aids. I highly recommend THS, as their service has always been the best I have ever had.

Kenneth R. | Apex, NC

I’ve been dealing with hearing loss and countless Audiologists over the decade and Triangle Hearing is definitely the best I’ve experienced. They go out of their way to ensure that my hearing is optimized and my visits are as convenient and cheerful as possible. Going to the audiologist is never a dreaded chore for me with Triangle Hearing.

Mark L. | Cary, NC

I had noticed that I was having increased difficulty in understanding children and some women. Dr. Gupta identified my problem as a decreased ability to hear higher frequency sounds. She worked with me to select hearing aids that corrected this problem. And the hearing aids are so easy to wear that I forget that I’m wearing them! My hearing aids have made me more confident in all of my daily interactions with people of all ages. I highly recommend Dr. Gupta and Triangle Hearing Services, P.A.

Marvin M. | Cary, NC

I have been wearing hearing aids for 25+ years. Needed an upgrade! Dr. Hellenkamp reviewed my needs and recommended a new aid. Testing and fitting of this new aid was all very well done. I highly recommend Triangle Hearing Services, P.A. and have given your name to several friends. The new aid exceeds my expectations. Very pleased!!

Norman H. | Cary, NC

My hearing problem started after serving 3 ? years as a crew chief on B17 bombers. We didn’t use ear plugs. A friend told me about Donella Hellenkamp. I met Donella – a very intelligent and caring individual – and she did all the necessary testing and recommended various hearing devices. If you have a hearing problem I recommend you go to Triangle Hearing Services and ask for Donella. I guarantee you will be satisfied with the results!

Joseph K. | Cary, NC

Slow hearing loss for 25 years; wore hearing aids for last 10 years. Tried various brands and types of devices and spent thousands of dollars for mediocre results. Dr. Gupta introduced me to the Lyric Hearing Device. The combination of the best technology out there, compassion and comprehension of what I wanted from hearing was provided by Triangle Hearing Services, P.A. They improved my quality of life immediately!

Alan C. | Cary, NC

It has been years since I have talked to my dad, Atlas, on the phone. Dad told me of your visit today to his home. We talked for about an hour and when we decided to hang up he wanted to finish watching a ballgame on TV. He is so excited about the TV and phone adapters you recommended for him. Thank you for your dedication and hard work with my Dad.

James B. | Fuquay Varina, NC

I am on my third set of hearing aids and they are excellent. If there was a problem, it was having the person who fine tuned my aids leave the company and work for a different audiologist. This person knew my ears, so the next one had to start from the beginning. There was always a large turnover. I finally found Dr. Radhika Gupta, who was most qualified. I have followed her as she moved three times. She will stay put this time as she is one of the owners of Triangle Hearing Services, P.A. I do recommend Triangle Hearing Services in that they will take the time to fine tune the instruments. New hearing aids require three or four trips to achieve maximum efficiency.… Read more “”

Lewis K. | Raleigh, NC

My mother at 93 years young had advanced hearing loss. Triangle Hearing Services, PA employs state of the art evaluation processes that promptly isolates and determines level of hearing loss. The doctors and personnel at Triangle Hearing Services, PA go beyond the call of duty and truly want anyone with hearing loss to have a vastly improved quality of life.

K.G. Curtis | Raleigh, NC

My second set of hearing aids (which were bought from other facilities) did not seem to be satisfactory and I wanted a checkup. This practice determined that one of my hearing aids was dead. Dr. Donella performed a very professional hearing test and recommended a new set of hearing aids. I bought the recommended hearing aids and now hear better than I have for years. In addition, the new hearing aids have special programs for special situations.

Sheldon L. | Cary, NC

My hearing loss began due to excessive noise exposure.  If you want it done right the first time, Triangle Hearing Services is the place you have to go to!

James A. | Raleigh, NC

Dealing with 2 (3?) sets of aids over the years.  Did not feel I was receiving the best for my thousands of dollars until I tried Phonak.  Dr. Gupta was patient and through in educating me in the use of my new aid.  There are no aids worth their salt that are not expensive. Skip the rest and come to Triangle Hearing Services!

Harry I. | Raleigh, NC

I have had hearing loss for 4 years and I simply hated everything about it!  It was terrible missing comments, especially from my grandchildren, talking on the phone was so difficult.  After saying “what” two or three times, I just nodded my head and gave up. I was fitted with state of the art digital hearing aids and they corrected by hearing loss but I found them very inconvenient.  In fact, I often “forgot” to put them in and wound up without them all day long because when I realized I hadn’t put them in, they were back on my nightstand. I had heard about a different kind of hearing aid, an extended wear hearing aid called Lyric.  But it wasn’t available where we were… Read more “”

Elaine D. | Cary, NC