Two Hearing Aids vs One

If you have hearing loss in both ears (bilateral hearing loss) then you are most likely meet the criteria for two hearing aids.

Why can’t I just wear one?

Better speech understanding– your brain can focus on the conversation you want to hear times two instead of working into overtime.

Better understanding in group/noisy settings– speech intelligibility is improved in difficult listening situation when having 2 hearing aids on.

Better sound quality– It’s like listening in stereo, with surround sound on. You have both speakers t gt the smoothest, sharpest and most natural sound quality. This is the same comparison used when using both hearing aids. Increase range from 180 degrees to 360 degrees. Greater range provides better sense of balance & sound quality.

Improvement on localization– Localization is another way of saying where sounds are coming from. Helps you location where the sound source is, especially if emergency vehicles are involved. Safety is always important. Also helps in social gathering, where the speaker is talking from in the room.

Less distortion noticed– wearing two hearing aids requires less volume than only wearing one. Therefore distortion is noticed a lot less. There is a smoother tone quality and better reproduction of amplified sounds.

Wider hearing range– An individual can hear sounds from a further distance with two ears.

Better sound identification– You can decipher what sound and words with two vs one as sounds can easily be confused. But with 2 hearing aids, it helps distinguish alike sounds.

Keeping both ears stimulated & active– “Use it or Lose it” Applies here greatly! When two hearing aids used, it stimulates that part of the brain vs using one. When the ear that does not have a hearing aid isn’t stimulated, the hearing loss deteriorates further over the year, as well as speech intelligibility.

Effortless Hearing– Wearing both of your hearing aids keeps you from straining to hear what people are saying. Straining leads to exhaustion when conversations should come naturally.

Balance! We are born with 2 ears, so its natural to wear two hearing aids as it helps balance the world for us.

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