In by Maya Johnson

I have had hearing loss for 4 years and I simply hated everything about it!  It was terrible missing comments, especially from my grandchildren, talking on the phone was so difficult.  After saying “what” two or three times, I just nodded my head and gave up.

I was fitted with state of the art digital hearing aids and they corrected by hearing loss but I found them very inconvenient.  In fact, I often “forgot” to put them in and wound up without them all day long because when I realized I hadn’t put them in, they were back on my nightstand.

I had heard about a different kind of hearing aid, an extended wear hearing aid called Lyric.  But it wasn’t available where we were living.

When we moved to Cary, I found Triangle Hearing Services which has the Lyric hearing aid.  The meeting with Dr. Hellenkamp was delightful.  She is so pleasant, knowledgeable and thorough.  And she was very patient with my questions and concerns.  Her examination was comfortable and she explained everything very clearly.  She fitted me with the Lyric hearing aid that day!  If you don’t know the Lyric, it is a hearing device that is fitted inside your ear canal close to your ear drum.  It doesn’t show, I were it 24/7, in the shower, in the pool for exercise (not under water of course), even when I sleep (I set it to a sleep setting).  The control device is on my key ring!  And I have another one in my nightstand as well.

No batteries, no little plastic tips, nothing to put on and take off.  No case in my purse, nothing to lose or drop or break.  No remote control to lose.

The sound is amazing.  It seems totally normal; my own voice is inside my head now.  I hear birds in the trees outside the window, and I can tell where sounds are coming from.

When the batteries run down (they can last up to 4 months!), I call Dr. Hellenkamp and drop by the office.  She takes out the old Lyric and fits the new, makes sound adjustments if needed and I’m on my way in 15 minutes.

The doctors at Triangle Hearing Services are excellent.  I highly recommend them for any hearing need you have.