In by Maya Johnson

I am on my third set of hearing aids and they are excellent. If there was a problem, it was having the person who fine tuned my aids leave the company and work for a different audiologist. This person knew my ears, so the next one had to start from the beginning. There was always a large turnover.

I finally found Dr. Radhika Gupta, who was most qualified. I have followed her as she moved three times. She will stay put this time as she is one of the owners of Triangle Hearing Services, P.A.

I do recommend Triangle Hearing Services in that they will take the time to fine tune the instruments. New hearing aids require three or four trips to achieve maximum efficiency. The fact is that the hearing aid is only as good as the programmer. It takes some effort and patience for the customer to receive maximum performance also.

My hearing aids are excellent. TV sound which was raspy is no longer so. It seems everybody makes a line of hearing aids with multiple models. The secret is not in what kind you have but in the programmer. Simple as that! So it would be desirable for you to say you are one of the best programmers on your resume.