Holiday Season

With the Holiday Season fast approaching and finally being able to spend it with family and friends, Triangle Hearing Services wants you to enjoy every moment. Better hearing can help you do just that. If you have noticed any hearing loss for yourself or a loved one, please call us at 919.636.3006 to schedule an appointment for a hearing test. Remember, if you have Medicare and obtain a referral from your primary care physician, Medicare usually pays for your initial visit. Isn’t worth finding out the extent of your hearing loss? This is the perfect time to improve the quality of your life through better hearing. Don’t put it off any longer. Act quickly so that we can provide you with the best in hearing healthcare. Triangle Hearing Services is only a call away and eager to assist you! CALL: 919.636.3006
We wish you a holiday filled with warmth, laughter and sweet moments to share with the people you care most about!