Get Top Care For Your Ears At Triangle Hearing!!

Did you know that your ears are ALWAYS working? Even when you are asleep, you can never “turn off” your ears. That means they never get a day off! Triangle Hearing Services is here to ensure that your ears are receiving the top of the line care and attention that they deserve. Call 919-636-3006 to schedule an appointment today!

Experience A World Of Clear!

Experience a world of clear, vibrant sound with Triangle Hearing Services! Triangle Hearing is dedicated to enhancing your auditory experience through personalized care and the latest hearing technology. Say goodbye to missed conversations and say hello to a life you can live to the fullest, filled with the joy of hearing. Call now at 919-636-3006 to schedule an appointment!

Treat Your Hearing To Slow Down The Loss Of Thinking And Memory Skills!

Have you noticed a change in your thinking and memory skills? Have you ever thought that this could be connected to hearing loss? Research shows that treating hearing loss slows down loss of thinking and memory abilities. Triangle Hearing Services would like to help improve the quality of your life with the latest technology and highly experienced Doctors of Audiology. …

It’s Summer!

Summer is a time for family gatherings, weddings and other special occasions. The Audiologists at Triangle Hearing Services are encouraging you to have your hearing checked! We know that you do not want to miss out on another conversation with friends and family! Triangle Hearing Services is ready to help you connect with the people around you. Call today to …

June “Gateway” to better hearing!

It is said that “June is the Gateway to Summer”.  Why not let it be the “Gateway” to better hearing for you! Triangle Hearing Services has the latest hearing technologies that can make that happen.  Triangle Hearing Services offers LYRIC, the world’s first 100% invisible 24/7 wearable hearing device.  Triangle Hearing Services also offers a variety of hearing aid options that …

May is Better Hearing Month!

Triangle Hearing Services wants to encourage anyone experiencing any type of hearing loss to make an appointment with one of our Audiologists. Hearing is what connects us to the people in our lives! It is so important that we treasure our hearing. “Healthy Hearing” means not waiting. Call Triangle Hearing @ 919.636.3006

Hello Spring!

Hello SPRING! Triangle Hearing Services, your 5 star hearing healthcare provider, is ready to help improve your hearing so that you can truly enjoy the “Sounds of Spring!” Call today to schedule an appointment with one of our Doctors of Audiology who can diagnose your hearing loss and provide you with every hearing option that will meet your needs. Don’t …

Happy February💞!

Triangle Hearing Services is ready to help you with your hearing loss so that you can connect with your loved ones, students and co-workers. Hearing health is about so much more than your ears–it can affect your social-emotional, cognitive, and physical well-being. Love yourself with a gift of better hearing! Call Triangle Hearing at 919-636-3006 to schedule an appointment.

Tinnitus Awareness Month

February is Tinnitus awareness month. The hissing, roaring, or ringing in the ear is a 24/7 concern for those suffering with Tinnitus. While there is no known cure for most forms of Tinnitus, amplification (hearing aids) is among the most effective tools for providing relief. If you are suffering with Tinnitus, our Audiologists are trained in diagnosing and treating many …


TRIANGLE HEARING SERVICES is where better hearing begins. At TRIANGLE HEARING our number one priority is to improve the quality of a person’s life through better hearing. You will always see one of our Doctors of Audiology at each appointment. They will discuss your hearing results, as well as, options for better hearing. TRIANGLE HEARING offers the latest in hearing …