Adjusting to New Hearing Aids at Work

Adjusting to new hearing aids always takes time, however, adjusting to hearing aids while in the work place can present its own challenges.  Here are some tips to make the adjustment process smoother.

1) Be Honest about your hearing loss

It is true that the people around us will notice more of what we are missing.  It is difficult to hide a hearing loss especially in the work place where there are many different noise sources and difficult listening environments.  Be honest and let your coworkers know that you have a hearing loss upfront to avoid any misunderstandings.

2) Explain your needs

Whether it is preferential seating in a conference room, amplified telephones, or a quieter work area, it is important to ask and explain your needs to those in authority.

3) Use your Technology

Hearing aids do not help if they are in your drawer!  Research shows that the adult brain takes a full 6 weeks to adjust to hearing aids and reach maximum benefits.  It is important to wear them in all situations for all waking hours to ensure your brain is adjusting.

4) Know your technology

There are lots of ways that hearing devices are designed to help you hear better in most situations.  There are different programs or settings to provide the best amplification in varying situations.  Make sure that you understand your options for volume and program changes and additional technologies available.

5) Ask for help when needed

Do not hesitate to reach out to your Audiologist if you need help.  Hearing aids are not a one size fits all, there are a number of options available and programming changes to help you hear your best.

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